Is it possible to attach static mesh instance?

I would like to attach each instance of Instanced Static Mesh Component to different objects/sockets to make it follow their transform individually. Is it possible? I can attach the main component, but then all the instances follow the same object.

I’ve thought about updating instance transform every tick with socket’s transform but… I guess it would be worse in terms of performance?

Any solutions to this question? I’ve been trying to figure this out as well. Every time I use the AttachToComponent node, unreal crashes.

I would like to know this aswell…

I’ve learned that it’s not possible, because instanced static mesh is treated as one solid mesh when drawing (that’s why we get good performance with many instances) - and after every instance transform change, it needs to redraw a whole mesh (with all instances) completely.

So it’s not possible to attach a single instance. We could create some function to update instance transform very often to match the ‘atached’ object, but it would not be performance friendly and not really convenient.

I found a work around for this. At least for my purposes, which was to create a tunnel or anything that runs in a straight line. I just added a spline mesh component and then attached to that and it works like a charm.

Hi, could you elaborate more about your solution. I have a similar situation