Is it possible to attach an actor to a Blueprint?

When I try to attach a moveable object to a blueprint it says “cannot attach actor to an actor with a blueprint-declared root component!”

Is there a work around or are you planning on changing this?

It is now possible to do this and this should be in the next rocket release.

OK that’s good , do you have any idea when that will be?

If there are not any severe hitches, we are planning for a late October or early November release of Beta 5. This is of course not a guarantee as we cannot predict all future problems that may occur.

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Hi ,

I have updated to the newest version of Rocket and am now able to attach an actor to a Blueprint. The problem is when the Blueprint animates it will not move with it.

Video of the problem can be found here.

The red block is a blueprint and the white block is the static mesh. Both actors have attachments , but the attachment for the blueprint does not move when the blueprint does.

Is there a way of getting other objects to move with the blueprint?
I could do it with Level Blueprint , but I would prefer not to because it would involve manually creating the same actors multiple times.


Hi Toxic,

Just wanted to give you a heads up, Bruce is aware of your reply, but will not be back in the office until Monday.

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Is the part that is moving the Root of the Blueprint? An attached actor will follow the Root component of a Blueprint, but not just a standard component of it. This is because the actor follows the Blueprint’s transform location information, which is determined by the root component.

It works Thanks.