Is it possible to assign a static mesh to a bone at run time?

I am using UE5.3.

I thought you can create a bone at run time.

Can you assign a static mesh to a bone at run time so that it properly updates its transform to match that of the bone as it animates? Specifically the static mesh will behave as though its vertices all had 100% weight assigned to the bone.

Is there a way to do this at run time?

Create a static mesh component and attach to the skeletal mesh at the bone that you want


So it turns out I can attach the Actor to a bone using Attach Actor To Component and supply the bone name in the socket field.

I thought I could create a bone at run time, but I can’t find any BP nodes to do that with. Is it possible?

I want to create over 100 bones at run time, so creating them by hand in an editor is not a solution. I want to animate them along a spline.

And yes, I have tried to animate the static meshes along the spline, and the game thread choked with over 1000 of them. I am trying the animation framework to see if it solves the performance issues.