Is it possible to arrange widgets on the screen using tileView?

Hello! I’m using TileView and i wanr to know - is it possible to is it possible to tell the widget how to make the grid or is it only possible in the gridpanel?

Could you clarify what you mean by:

tell the widget how to make the grid

Normally it’s the child that conforms to the boundaries the parent dictates, via the slot mechanics. Optionally, you can wrap the child in a Size Box, forcing the parent to respect that.

The Tile View has built-in slot Height / Width, padding and tile alignment. It’s generally more flexible than a grid panel. Here the tile view is reorganising its children:

Image from Gyazo

One thing the Tile View cannot do is the non-uniform layout, where 1 of its children takes more than 1 slot - slot-spanning. It can’t do that:


Is this what you mean? That’s the Grid Panel child spanning across 2 columns.