Is it possible to animate a texture by switching TextParam of DynamicMat?

It may seems crazy because we already have Flipbooks and Media Texture… but i’m in a condition where they don’t fit very well. My only question is if the Engine can handle switching the Texture Parameter of a Dynamic Material (setting one frame after another) as fast as to make an animation without consuming too much resources… is it possible?

It should be possible but it doesnt seem possible to do that without consuming too much resources considering the amount of textures you would need.

I need to do short animations (50-100 frames) in low res (around 600x600)… i think i have to give it a tray…

Too sad i can’t figure out (if it is possible) how to create a Flipbook with custom JPGs frames loaded from a folder at runtime…

Ok… i’ll give up for now… thanks for the replies! :wink:

I’ve gived it a try and this is what i’ve done:

This is the function that switches the TextureParameter of the DynamicMaterial (needs some tuning):

And i call it at regular intervals by a Timer:

i’ve tried this with about 30 actors playing the animation this way and it seems not a problem for the engine, but the level in which i’ve tried is empty, the Texture Frames was in lowres (max 500x500) and not more than 100 frames long.

For now, i mark this as an answer… hope this can help someone! :wink:

P.p.s. Sorry for bad english

I would like to know more.
Would you be willing to show more of your blueprint or share a sample project online?
Thank you very much.