Is it possible to animate a Static Mesh


As asked in the title, is it possible to animate a static mesh just for a game. I want to make it so my plane can retract its landing gear. use flaps and such. just as an animated montage so i can play it when for example G is pressed.

Thanks in advance,


Not with Anim BP but you can certainly animate static meshes by using timeline and certain interpolate functions. Feel free to check out this project to see how i did the landing gear: [FREE PROJECT] Physics Driven Spacecraft - World Creation - Unreal Engine Forums

Thanks for the quick reply, i will check it out and say if it helped or not.

So i checked it out. It is a cool project but the landing gear is on the mesh already. so isn’t there a way just like with the character animation with skeletons?

The landing gear is a separate BP with 3 static meshes, it is added as child actors to the pawn BP. That and other variations of that is the only way to animate static meshes. You may also want to look at physics constraints for some sort of bone-like attachment but it may not fit every situation.

i will just go and remake the whole plane and make a separate landing gear. And then animate that. Thank you for the help