Is It Possible to Align Textures independant of Actor Rotation?

I don’t know if that makes sense, so I will try to explain what I am trying to achieve with my very limited understanding of Unreal, and hopefully someone could let me know if it is possible; and if so, how it might be done! :slight_smile:

For example:

I have a panning texture of water dripping downwards on the actor when it is standing upright. It is all fine until the actor rotates, if it is turned upside down, suddenly the water drops texture is flowing “upwards”. Is there a way for me to tell my texture that “hey, THIS is always down, so please stay level with the horizon.” With my limited understanding of Blueprint I’ve been guessing at solutions for hours, because I don’t even know the proper terms to use when googling. If someone could explain if this is possible, and even better, show pictures of how it would be set up with an explanation of what each node does, that would be much appreciated!

  • Specifically in Blueprint, as I do not know C++.

So I have just found the “WorldAlignedTexture” node and it is so very close to what I’m looking for. I then went and set its scaling to be based on “ActorPosition” node and got even closer. A texture that rotates on the surface of the mesh but also can move up and down and the texture will stick to it relative to the actors position. BUT when it gets closer and closer to world z height 0 it begins to tile the texture exponentially. It also does not scale according to the assigned Actor, and there is no “ActorTransform” node or Scale node. I feel like I’m onto something, can anyone help me out?

I need the texture to scale and transform according to the mesh it is attached too.