Is it possible to align a pawn to another pawn?

I need to create a system in BP where a character controlled by one player can walk around and be aligned to a spaceship controlled by another player. I’ve already experimented a bit with planar movement and changing the first pawn’s rotation to match the second one’s, but so far I’ve got nothing.

Here’s a screenshot, the first pawn can walk around on the spaceship while it’s moving forward, but as you can see when it rolls the first pawn doesn’t follow and eventually falls to the ceiling.

I would like to know if this is possible in BP or not, as I’m still pretty new to blueprint scripting and have absolutely no experience with C++.


well the normal movement component doesn’t give physicly correct results,the way the character move is based on the player input,i did something similar,basically you will need to recreate the movement,basically set the character movement mode to flying,get the ships rotation and base it on that(ship rotation + character rotation),you will have to recreate gravity and movement i use the set actor location with a sweep

Sounds really complex, but good to know that it’s possible. I’ll try something like that, thanks for your reply!