Is it possible to add unreal engine projects together to make one project?

I was wondering how I add several unreal engine projects together to make one project?
I was hoping to buy some starter kits from the marketplace and add them to my project to expand the gameplay is this possible?

Any help would be really appreciated - I can’t seem to find an answer for this anywhere.


Some assets you buy from Marketplace are Add To Existing Project, others create a new project.

Either way, you can always choose any folder in an existing project and Migrate to another.

Ok So I think I figured it out:
I have gone to the content browser and right clicked on the files under content and then migrated to the correct content folder (like migrating assets etc - don’t know why I didn’t twig that I could do that for a complete project)
Although one of the migrations came back and said not all files could be migrated - is there a way I can tell what didn’t get migrated and manually pull them across>

Have you tried just coping the .uasset files to the other project folder?