Is it possible to add some element to existing mesh?


I have some mesh of the character. I see Mesh details Tab in Skeleton/Mesh/Animation window. In this tab possible to add materials to the mesh’s elements. As I understand, it’s possible to add material to the EXISTING mesh element with “Set Material” BP, by mesh element’s index.

But I have another question.

Is it possible to add with BP some element to existing mesh with specifying position of the new mesh element on mesh? I need to change cloths on my character and my cloths must use APEX cloth. Some functional used in Mafia 2 game - in that game possible to change character’s cloth and all cloth are with APEX Cloth.

Why I need to add elements to the mesh: if I will add cloths on skeleton’s sockets, than APEX cloths will not work properly…

Still not resolved

Still not resolved

Still not resolved

Yes, it’s possible, with adding mesh part, that has some skeleton: