Is it possible to add a socket without bones

I’ve never done any rigging or anything like that and i want to have a socket in front of the main camera to attach an object to when it’s clicked, can anyone guide me in the right direction.
thanks in advance.

Also, if anyone knows how to have the crosshair as “onclicked” and not the cursor itself

Yes, sockets can be added without bones to static meshes, but you don’t need sockets to attach actors/components.
You can attach and manually offset their location with C++ functions like SetRelativeLocation() or similarly named Blueprint nodes.

sorry but I’d like to know how…

there are no socket component available


A socket is not a component…
Look up the documentation.

you mean adding programatically ?
the only place I can add socket is with the bone editor

ok , the socket manager feature was quiet “hidden”, thx I found it in the end

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