Is it possible to add a larger room to a smaller room by using portal teleporting?

Say I want to add a room that is larger than the actual room that I’m trying to connect it to, obviously in 3D space this wouldn’t work and would be physically impossible, but is there some method of using teleporting and portal stuff to make it look like the two rooms are connected and user can walk right into the larger room without issue, but when in reality the moment he walks into that room he is actually teleported to it since there is no way to put a larger room completely “inside” the smaller room in real life…

I’ve dabbled in this kind of thing when I was still in college, but it’s pretty slow to set up. You can find all the information you need by searching “ue4 non-euclidean”. The hardest thing about what you propose would be to transition cleanly between two rooms as you scale in size to match the new space and NOT have collisions pop against something during that transition. A more elegant approach would be to run through a hallway that interpolates your scale as you move through it. But also good luck on defeating the visual warping needed in that hallway.
Games like Anti-Chamber and Manifold Garden use non-euclidean geometry to build their levels, but I don’t know a game that deals with scale. [HR][/HR]This guy demos a scaling hallway at 2:37…MOXE&index=775