is it possible to add a camera to ndisplay that would be animated in the timeline?


I want to create an nDisplay setup in UE 5.1 - projected onto a wall with a multimedia projector.

I need 2 features:

  • to manage a point of view of the spectators (I currently achieve this by manipulating the DefaultViewPoint transform
  • to animate this viewpoint AND have the features of a CineCamera (like Depth of Field, lens parameters, color grading etc…)

I DO NOT mean to create the inner camera Frustrum. More like creating an “outer Frustrum” camera that would cover the whole nDisplayScreen and be animated in seuencer.

I managed to configure a working nDisplay setup with DefaultViewPoint transform but I don’t have the camera inside - how can I add it to have it cover the whole nDisplay screen viewport at all times and still be “animatable” in the sequencer?


I am trying to do something similar. If you want the viewpoint to be animatable, you can make the ndisplay config a child of a cinecam, and set the Screen with absoulute transforms, so it will stay in place when the camera moves.

Not sure how Lens params and DoF can be implemented though

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@bjarque nice and simple - thanks for this idea!

I think now that lens and DOF can be implemented by choosing a “Camera” projection policy in the nDisplay config / Cluster / Node / Viewport settings and then assigning the CineCamera to be the primary cam in the ICVFXCamera settings in the Details panel of the main editor. Then You can simply use the Post Process of the CineCamera Actor for DOF and lens…

This should really be better documented in the nDisplay Manual - the Projection Policy is a fundamental setting which changes the way the whole plugin works and is used in various scenarios.