Is it possible to access LiveLink functions from c++?

I cant seem to get the livelink functions included in a way that doesnt result in a link error.

The one im trying to call is in “LiveLinkBlueprintStructs.h”
void GetCurves(TMap<FName, float>& Curves);

If I include this header and try to add the module “LiveLink” as a dependency I still cant get passed this without a link error.

Its possible to call from blueprint through
UFUNCTION(BlueprintPure, Category = “LiveLink”)
static void GetCurves(UPARAM(ref) FSubjectFrameHandle& SubjectFrameHandle, TMap<FName, float>& Curves);

but this uses the same call underneath as I’m trying to use

void ULiveLinkBlueprintLibrary::GetCurves(UPARAM(ref) FSubjectFrameHandle& SubjectFrameHandle, TMap<FName, float>& Curves)

I’m just wondering if there’s something obvious i’m missing, such as these can only be called from the editor?


The only way I can actually get this to compile is include
#include “…/Plugins/Animation//LiveLink//Source//LiveLink/Private/LiveLinkBlueprintStructs.cpp”

Which makes me think I have something way off?

Are these functions not supposed to be called from outside the engine source?