Is it possible to access an instance of blueprint from console at runtime?

How does one access an instance of a blueprint from the console at runtime?

I see “AssetRegistry” in the list of console commands, but something like this isn’t working:

> AssetRegistry.GetByName("MyObject")

In theory I’d like to be able to do something like this, where MyMethod() is defined in the Blueprint’s class:

> AssetRegistry.GetByName("MyObject").MyMethod()

Is this possible? Is “AssetRegistry” not the command I’m looking for?

Console commands does not work like code and can’t call commands that are not registered

You can make new commands easily in C++ out of function by adding “Exec” argument flag to UFUNCTION() but it work only for specific classes. I didn’t seen equivalent of that in blueprint but you can inherit exec function from c++ class. This way you might find a way to make command that you looking for