Is it possible share content between projects?

I’m new in UE4. I’m looking a lot of tutorial, (really… a lot!) But I don’t understand if there is a possibility to share content between projects.
For example, in 3ds I have a huge library (models and texture). I use a tool in 3ds , similar to Content browser (PROJECT MANAGER)](://3d-kstudio/product/project-manager/)

In 3ds , I create my library inside PROJECT MANAGER (all my assets is in a proper directory, like C:\ASSET\MODELS for example) and I can drag&drop texture, models etc… for every my scene.
I know that in UE4 there is the option to migrate assets. But, It’s so stupid to have multiple copies of the same objects (vases, trees, furnitures, bed etc…) or textures… my hard drive.


You could add all needed assets into the engine folder. Then you should be abel to access the content in all projects -> UnrealEngine-4.7-Engine-Content :slight_smile:

I made a NTFS junction. It works great.
If you want to delete a project, you have to delete the junction first. Otherwise you loose all shared content.


Thanks my friends. I’ll try in my next project. I hope to find the correct way to work with Unreal Engine 4 =)

I’ll tell you how I manage my content in bigger projects.

First of all, there are 2 “kinds” of files: source files (FBX, textures etc) and UE4 files (static meshes, textures, materials etc).

I keep the source files on one drive (for example: D:\Assets\Project_A\Props\Lamp\Lamp_002. and D:\Assets\Props\Lamp\FBX\SM_Lamp.fbx). So I have both and corresponding FBX files in one place.
UE4 files (.uassets) are stored in another drive in project folder. (for example: E:\UE4\ProjectName\Content\Props\Lamp\SM_Lamp.uasset). UE4 files are connected with source files so every time you change the original FBX or texture you can re-import such asset in UE4 editor. If you maintain nice folder structure of your source files, it’s easy to share your content with different UE projects. There is no need to have duplicates (only when you’re sure what files you need for you UE4 project)

Hope that helps

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My idea is to have the UE4 assets in one place (static meshes, textures, materials etc). And I want to be able to reuse these assets for all my UE4 projects, without duplicates. Like I’m doing right now in 3ds . =)
It’s strange the UE4 hasn’t by default an easy way to do that. Or, maybe, I’m so newbie that I have to find the right way how to do it :slight_smile:

Mmm… I’m sorry, but I cannot understand well… My question is to have the possibility to create a “place” on my hard drive, where I can store my complete .uasset with . .jpg files.
They are independents by the UE4 project. Like a big, huge library.
When in UE4 I create a new empty project (plane + atm fog + light + sky sphere + player start) the main directory is like 3-4 MB: great!
Now I want to be able to have the possibility to drag & drop all .uasset that I need, from the big library.

In 3ds , we work in this way:

— 3DS MODEL — (1000 MB)
— 3DS SHADERS ---- (500 GB)

Project A (bathroom) (30 MB)
Project B (living room) (10 MB)
Project C (outdoor building) (80 MB)

When I need a vase, a car, a shader, I open PROJECT MANAGER and we Drag & Drop the models, the shaders we need.
I must not migrate all my 3DS MODELS or 3DS SHADER every time I create a new project!
So, is it possible to work in UE4 in this way? Or I have tio migrate, every time 1 TB and 500 GB or assets in every, new, UE4 project?

@cecofuli: You can use multiple levels within one project.

Project Architecture:

  • Level_Bathroom
  • Level_LivingRoom
  • Level_outdoorBuilding

That way each level has access to the same content.

Mmm… maybe my question or my pipeline is wrong. Sorry, but I’m newbie to UE. Or, maybe, simply, it’s not possible to do the in UE4
For exemple:

I want to translate some Evermotion v.150 collection (food) from . version (5 GB) in UE4 version.
Great. Now I have all assets (52 models) ready for UE4 but…
I don’t want to copy or migrate the entire translated asset inside every level.
I would like to create a “repository”, and, when I need, use just some models.

From what I understand, I have to have inside on my UE4 project folders (for example, a kitchen) all assets that I’m using.
If I create a new project (a new kitchen for a different client) I have to migrate my entire assets. But, I don’t want this.
Because I don’t know what I must to insert in that project. Maybe some object from Vol 150, or vol. 32… Who know?
So, I want to create my big library (vegetations, trees, vase, food, chairs etc…) and, wen I will need, drag & drop the exact model.

Is it possible in UE4?

Yes it´s possible. Store your assets wherever you want and create a link (NTFS junction) in each project to this folder. That´s all.

The link has 0 Byte, but Unreal will show the complete folder.

Ok, tha ks Mars007 =) I’m not so expert about NTSF junction, but I think it’s the solution.

Mars007, will UE update those assets in the NTFS junction when the engine updates, my guess would be yes.?

Unreal doesn´t know of the NTFS junction. It should treat the link as a normal folder.

Because there is only one asset location, every change/update/modification is valid for all UE4 projects.
If you delete an asset, it will no longer be available for any UE4 project. If you delete an UE4 project in the UE4 Launcher, it deletes all contents, too. Make sure you delete the NTFS junction (the link) first.

Typ this into CMD to create a NTFS junction
Example: mklink /J C:\Users\MyUsername\Documents\Unreal~1\Project1\Content_SharedContent C:_SharedContent

Take care not to have two Editors at once update on a junction, that will most certainly race and make modder out of your stuff, and take care not to change asset versions wrongly by using a too high, or promoted or preview, on such shared assets. Junction it is probably a minefield.

… ■■■■ is there an update to this - tried this and the assets can’t find the materials and textures, it’s all blank…
… did anyone make like a bridge like asset browser / basically a library that’s persistent every time you start a new project - the ntfs junction doesn’t sound fun