Is it possible make make an array of arrays in blueprint ? And if so, how ?

Is it possible make make an array of arrays in blueprint ? And if so, how ?

But you can create custom struct in c++ with arrays of objects and then create an array of structs. Syntax is really easy. Here is Tutorial](,_USTRUCTS(),_They’re_Awesome)
Or just wait for 4.2, Epic will introduce creation of custom structs via blueprints

Thanks, kinda disappointing because epic claimed it is replacing unrealscript and there i was able to do it, it is just a matter of making an other custom node i think, Till now i felt no need to use c++ because blueprint did it all for me, I hope UE4.2 will solve this issue.

I’m pretty sure it will!



Alternatively, have an array with a byte and have each byte correspond to an array.

It is kind of a middle man way to do it, but should give roughly the same result.

Thanks but all those solutions are fixed, I cant “Add” or “Resize” them like i can with arrays, even with the new struct thing in 4.2 :\

What did is making an array, resized it to about 10000, and used 2 variables to places, 100 for column and 1 for row . So if i want to insert something in the “third” array and in the fifth place of it, i would of insert it in place “305” .
But this is works well only if i use INSERT and GET nodes, cant use ADD and if i use ForEachLoop on it it will takes tons of performance hits .
I will put it on the " Feedback to epic " too…

What if instead of a normal array, you use a vector array but X Y and Z are only storing index references to 3 other arrays?

ooh sneaky, I’m going to make use of that, thank you!