Is it possible make games without code knowledge?

Im new to Unreal Engine and pretty much to game making, overall.
I want to make a game using Unreal Engine but i have no (even basic) experience in coding.
How Important is code for a new (or experienced) game developer?
And if its a “must” where i can learn the basics (or the knowledge i need) of Code/Unreal Engine the best way?

You can make some games using just Blueprints, but Blueprints follows the same type of logic that you would with programming, it just makes it easier to understand. However, if your game idea is more complex then it will require some C++ coding.

As Darthviper mentioned, you can make a game with blueprints. Check out some YouTube UE4 blueprint tutorials, they should get you pointed in the right direction in terms of capabilities.

But it is pratical to build a whole game (an average for example) with just those blueprints?

There’s no such thing as an average game, every game has unique features and those may or may not be something that you can do with Blueprints

I wanted to write “an average indie game for example”, but i get what your saying.
is C++ is a must? or C# and C will do fine too?

Blueprints is sufficient to create all sorts of games.

c# is not an option.

Ultimately, c++ is an important skill, but it is not step 1 for UE.

Here is a good place to start:

Blueprint is more than enough to build any type of game, after working 4 years now in Unreal Engine 4 I didn’t found a single feature that could not be written in blueprint. However, optimization is always a problem.

Unreal Engine 4 have a build in blueprint nativization (you can find it under Project Settings–>Project–>Packaging–>Blueprints) that will convert blueprint in to C++, performance will drastically increase to the point that its almost pointless to write code in C++ (when time is important to you), again however, though this system is fantastic it doesn’t always work.

The best method to develop your game is used both blueprint and C++, you create all the features, mechanics in blueprint but everything CPU heavy for example mathematics you create in C++ and than transfer it directly to blueprint as a single node activated by your blueprint script. This way you will get best of both worlds. If your project is not performance heavy (dose not mean small a massive project can also be performance light if you spend enough time on it) than blueprint is more than enough.


Interesting… What kinds of games are you making dude… Mostly Single-player…
Or very simple multiplayer, like card games… What kinds of Plugins do you use?

Before creating my main project Penkura I focused on creating small games of every type, RTS, FPS, Point and Click Adventures, Small Arena Shooters to check how Unreal Engine will handle different problems. Blueprint was never a problem even procedural generated system were easy to create the only problem I had constantly with was light and Ghosting which in fact I have problem to this day.

Edit: If by plugins you mean marketplace assets than I use none, thought some of them are very high quality I don’t have the time to adjust them to the project and sometimes fixing the problem in them after Engine update. So I choose to create everything from ground up (time consuming but everything fits).

Even the most basic online features require either a plugin, or for you to touch C++. You can do plenty in Blueprints, but you will also be using a lot of cheap and dirty hacks to get things to work the way you want if you have no plans to use C++.

I agree 100 % that is why I wrote that the best way is to use best of both worlds, Blueprint and C++.

You won’t be able to get the best possible performance or solutions for common problems if you don’t use both to some extend like I already explain, blueprint is incredibly powerful but somethings are still best left for C++.

No. Blueprints are still programming.