Is it possible in BP to get the already done Damage Amount of a Destructible Mesh OR a Bool Value, if any Destruction has happened?


so is there any way to get the current Damage Value, which has already been done to the DM or how much damage it can still take until it hits the Damage Threshold? So that i can always check, how many Damage the DM can still take, until it breaks.
Or is it supposed to be saved manually in a self defined Variable?

And is there a way to check, if a given DM has already been broken? Like a bool value?

If i drag in a ‘get’ of my DM into the blueprint i can’t find any nodes like ‘get damage’ or ‘has been destructed’ or something like that.

Thanks in advance!

edit: what i want to do, is to set a branch, if the DM has been destructed after an impact and then spawn an explosion at the hit location.