Is it possible in blueprints to modify which PlayerStarts are selected?

I know about FindPlayerStart and ChoosePlayerStart in the c++ code. I was wondering if this can be done in blueprints?

Oh, I just found EventPostLogin i’m assuming this might be a good starting point,

Those functions are not exposed to Blueprint so you can’t it seems whole gamemode respawning code is not accessible via blueprint. Most likely you will need to create your own respawning code in blueprint

It’s seems that is the case. I tried using the PostLoginEvent but it seems the the c++ code just overides any possesing you might do there. Probably have to have stuff done in BeginPlay including cleaning up what the basic spawn system does… Better do it directly in C++…

you are correct there is in fact some c++ code running that will take priority over your new blueprint code unless you override it
you can do this from within the game mode bp if you hover over the + sign next to functions and override the choose player start function. you can then implement your choose player start logic in there.

this will probs need to be done yourself as im not too sure how well the nodes for choose player start work.

i did a simple google search and found a tutorial for this.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: