Is it possible for AI to be able to see physics Bodies????

Hello All Just wondering if its possible for AI to Sense Physics bodies. Im new to Programming AI in Unreal engine 4 and was just wondering if this was a thing. Also for some reason My AI run from the player but as i stand still the AI just walks right up to the player as if he isnt there. Really Weird.

Physics bodies are components.
Through the nav mesh, an AI will avoid obstacles.

That is some weird emergent behavior, you should keep that code safe somewhere if you want to make a animal AI pawn.

Haha Yeah.

Alright Ill keep that in mind, cause Im trying to make the Ai Run from the physics bodys as well as the player. :slight_smile:

If you meant having the AI see dead bodies, then it’s somewhat simple.
1 I’d create a character BP, and set it’s mesh physics body to ragdoll.
2 I’d have a boolean called “isDead” and set that to true when the AI character dies.
3 Have the other AI pawns cast to the viewed pawn to see if it’s boolean is set to true.

As I think about it, it’s a little expensive to cast to alot of pawns, but people do take a minute to realize if a person has expired or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are other ways though.