Is it possible for a destructible mesh to destruct twice?

So I have a DM that has a support depth of 1, which means that if I apply damage from the left side of the cube, only the left side will fracture, leaving a few chunks and the rest of the intact cube.

Is it possible for me to be able to go to the right side of the cube after the left side has been destructed already and apply damage there making the chunks, then, on the right side destruct?

Right now after even a single chunk falls off the cube is no longer destructible.

EDIT: For clarification I don’t want both sides to destruct at once, but rather me to be able to go to the right side of the cube after the left side has already been destructed and destruct that side.

This is possible to do.

Try using a lower Damage Spread value. Essentially this value sets how much damage that is applied to any given chunk is spread to the surrounding chunks.

So for instance, if you apply a radial damage to the left side of a wall and it fractures parts of it, the damage of that hit will radiate to the other pieces as well and if it’s enough damage it will fracture those pieces causing them not to be fractured anymore.

You can test this by setting the Damage Spread to 0. This will disable it. Then only the chunks that receive enough damage will break free. It may make the mesh look odd when it fractures, but it’s at least a method for testing what’s going on in your scene.

If you’re still having trouble, post your DM settings and the BP radial damage node so we know your values you’re applying to the DM for damage.

Thank you!


I think I mis-phrased the question.
I want just the left side (or wherever I apply damage) to destruct, then I want to be able to go to the right side, and destruct the right side taking off a few chunks from there, not together at once.

I’ve added a small blurb to my question that I think should clarify it.

Anyone know how to solve this?

The answer I originally posted is still correct based on what you’re asking.

Here is an example gif to demonstrate what I was describing above and it’s what you’ve asked for with regards to wanting the chunks to not all destroy at once. As you can see in the gif having support depth set allows the chunks to stick together so that they will only break free when they’ve received the correct amount of damage to do so.

Settings used in DM

  • Damage Threshold: 10
  • World Support: TRUE
  • Support Depth: 1

Apply Radial Damage

  • Base Damage: 10
  • Damage Radius: 35

Oh! alright. Thank you.
This works.

Do you know why my projectile is passing right through this mesh (box collision enabled) when I have accumulate damage on?

EDIT: Solved. Impact resistance was too low.

thank you. Change the spread as small is ok for me now.