Is it possible for a characters mesh to wear a cloth like a real shirt?

im hoping an expert or someone at epic will answer this.
ive been working on this for hours and cant get my players shirt to be worn like an actual shirt.
I gave my shirt cloth every where except the collar.then I attach it to a socket on my players skeleton. everything looks ok
but in game the shirt is up against the players back. I cant figure out why. I deleted the physics capsules in my players physics asset.
but still the shirt only hangs on the back of the players back. ive played with all kinds of settings and collision,disabling collision for the shirt and character mesh
and still nothing works. so is it possible for a characters mesh to actually (wear) the cloth shirt??
if so how???

T-shirts are almost never done with full cloth. It’s both a complete waste of processing power and an obvious issue for clipping artifacts.

Can you post a screenshot