Is it possibe to purge the Content folder

Is there any way to purge the Content folder for unused content? For example if I rename a file the old file will remain even though it is “empty”. Is there anyway to delete these files without having to manually track them down and delete them one by one?

I am looking for the same solution. How can I reduce the overall project size by eliminating unused assets? Is there a tool or button for this without having to do it manually?


@yofreetime : You’ll need to go through and manually remove any assets that are currently unused. There is no button that will remove objects not in your scene. This is not really feasible since you cannot have multiple levels all loaded at the same time to see if you’re using a specific asset or not.

Thank you!


Thanks Tim. I am able to delete all the autosaves and textures and materials that I am not using. But what about all the other files. I saw the Tappy Chicken folder structure and there is really hardly anything there. The entire project folder is around 30 mb. I can’t seem to get my project below 100 mb. What else besides autosaves and textures can I delete?


Does the engine includes unreferenced assets when it publishes the game though?

Marcosp, I don’t know if any unreferenced assets are cooked into the game or not. Maybe Tim Hobson can answer this.


A way of cleaning up your content and delete non used stuff is using a specific commandlet. The command let is the UWrangleContentCommandlet commandlet.

For reference, I´m currently working on this exact feature here: One thing to notice, you can always delete your “saved” folder to clean up some space. Also Unreal won´t package any unused content in your game by default. You can also compress your build in the project settings to save quite a lot of space.