Is it posible to make blueprints "usable only"?

Hello everyone, this is my first post here because I haven’t found anything about this matter.

My team and me are developing an indie game, and from time to time I work as a teacher in a university in Madrid, Spain. The video games master’s degree director had proposed to me to use our project to teach Level Design because we have a pretty simple and modular tools everyone can understand, even if they don’t know programming.

The thing is that we don’t want students to have full access to our project, because it’s not even needed. They would only use and place blueprints in a map, setting exposed parameters in instances. So I’m wondering if it is possible to have blueprints “usable only” (not even readable), as well as to hide (to make unreachable) every art/sound asset, and C++ code.

We already have considered the use of NDAs (Non-Disclosure-Agreements), but it only protects us in the case we notice that some student has broken the agreement. And it’s really hard to know whether someone is using your code/art if its not completely evident.

Also, I have considered making a plugin, as I think many moddable games have some accessible assets while hidding others, but I haven’t found if that’s even a native option for plugins, or if it requires some extra development from us.

Thanks for reading and for your time ^^

Take a Gander at the Blueprint Security Plugin in the Unreal Marketplace.

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Oh, thank you so much! It’s exactly what I was looking for.
I still need a way to block the C++ code, and art meshes/animations. Any ideas?

Don’t include the source for C++. Copyright your Media or use Freely available placeholders as it can easily be ripped.

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Sorry for the delay. When I wanted to reply to you the site was in read only mode (wtf?)

By “Don’t include the source for C++” do you mean that I can compile the C++ code, then remove it from the UE4 project and it still would work as long as I don’t have to rebuild it, right?

You would have to make multiple compiled versions available, if you don’t want to include the source.