Is it permitted to edit unreal free assets in Maya

Hi guys. I am currently using Infinity Blade character in my UE4 project. I would like to create animation for the Infinity blade character. Am I permitted to export the skeletal of infinity blade character to use in Maya to create animation? Because it would be more easy to create animation in Maya than in UE4. I would only use the created animation in UE4.

Any help will be appreciated. thanks

I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to modify something, since you’re allowed to use it for free. Pretty sure it’s fine.

I thought there are limitation for the free assets provided by Epic which limit you to use the content within Unreal Engine.

“I would only use the created animation in UE4.”
If you are only using it in UE4 there is no issue. However, if you say, rendered an animation in Maya for commercial purposes using UE4 free assets, that wouldn’t be okay.
Also, if they didn’t want people working with their own assets outside of the engine they wouldn’t have built the FBX exporting functionality into the editor.