Is it okay to have .asset and .uproject files in your packaged build?


I’ve packaged my game for Steam without using the .pak option (since steam requests that your game shouldn’t be compressed) but I’ve noticed that the game packages all the project files including the directory structure.

This includes the .uproject file as well as the .uasset files.

Does this mean that anyone can download my game and get access to the project files and open it up in unreal editor? Is the safe (from theft I suppose) to have all your content packaged like this where it shows the list of all your blueprints, contents you’ve used etc?

Sorry if my question is simplistic, but I’m a relative newbie to unreal.

Thanks in advance,

Yeah can I second a question to this (rather old) post? Wondering the same thing. Or did you get an answer? :slight_smile:

See the section on encryption. You’ll want to encrypt all of your asset files.

Thanks man! Encryption protects the assets, but in terms of blueprint and C++ code, they’re good without encryption?

I did get somewhat of an answer

  • Encryption will not work with Steam builds.
  • Generally ‘Use Pak File’ seems to be the best option
  • With Steam its best to assign chunk ID to your assets and then choose ‘Generate Chunks’ in packaging settings. This does a good job of grouping your assets together and your files will no longer reflect your folder structure.

I don’t have enough experience to say that this is the best way to do it, but it works for my game.