Is it okay for me to rename the asset folders and files in my project in my computers file explorer?

I’ve got lots of asset files and folders I want to rename, but when I try to rename them in the engine, it just makes a copy with that name. So is it okay for me to rename them in my computer’s file explorer?

If you rename them outside of the engine it will lose the reference to the assets and things will break

It’s a bad idea - one thing you should do after moving or renaming or deleting anything - is right click on the folder and “Fix up Redirectors” and that will help clean up things that are left behind in folders that prevent you from deleting them

Ok thanks, I’ll try that out tomorrow.

I’ve been struggling with moving stuff around the project when I first started with Unreal, and what GeeksGoneBad suggests (to use “Fix up Redirectors”) is essential!

I tried fixing the redirector, but nothing happened. Which one is the redirector? Is it the older file or the newer file?

When you move or rename a file in the editor, it will create a redirector - the redirector has the old name / path of the asset, and points to where the new name / path is. This way, if you’re using that assets in numerous places, it doesn’t break. When you fix-up redirects, the editor goes through all the places you were using it and makes them point at the new version, then deletes the redirector.

It’s the older folder you want to right click on and “Fix up Redirectors”

I’ve clicked fix up redirectors on the older one, but it’s still there.

Sorry - the “Fix Up Redirectors” cleans up files in that folder that you cannot see - it’s not perfect though, I have seen sometimes it leaves stuff in there :confused:

but after fixing up redirectors 8 times out of 10 I can then delete the folder - but yes you have to try and delete the folder after fixing the redirectors

I’ve fixed it up, now when I try to delete it, it doesn’t warn me about it anymore, but it doesn’t get deleted either!

yeah - sounds like you have one of those folders that’s troublesome :confused: as a last resort you can delete the folder from the operating system - chances are there’s an older redirector in there that isn’t attached anymore and so doesn’t get fixed up, and also makes it so Unreal won’t delete the folder… if there’s more than one file in there or the file(s) are bigger than 1kb then I would NOT delete them and try to figure out instead what they actually are - deleting files from the operating system can break things… might be a good idea to move them to a backup folder on the side just in case

Is it ok to just leave the files as they are then? Which one do I use now?

you can - but I thought you wanted to clean things up :slight_smile: It might be confusing if you leave them there…

I would use the new folder -

fixing up a lot of assets can be challenging to be sure - and frustrating…

The thing is, I’ve been using a terrible naming format up until now, and my path names are becoming too long to exist! I’ll use a much shorter format for all the new things I make from now on.

I hear you - we’ve all been there :slight_smile:

there’s a naming convention document if you need some ideas for what you are naming things -

I would suggest to try “Long Path Tool” program.

I renamed my file in explorer the file exist but cant find how I fix issue any suggestions

How can find the existing files

How to fix get exist files once rename in explorer or is files gone fir good