Is it OK to offer modding support via plugin without packaging/redistributing the Editor?


I want to let people create mods, maps and other content for my game.

I thought that if I make a plugin people could dowload the Editor normally from the launcher, activate the plugin and it would allow them to submit their creations to the Steam Workshop.

I want to know if this is OK and that it doesn’t violate any EULA or legal stuff.


Not sure what the Ark team did or other games, but if the EULA says nothing against it, and you are not charging for you game then, it should be “OK” in the legal world. just have to keep things secured at all times, so hacking and related no no’s don’t get out in the wild.

But in all this should be a O.K.

As I do not work for Epic and do not have a legal background, I would still double check the EULA again to be sure how you plan to go about the design for the plugin.

I will charge for the game but I will not redistribute any version of the editor which is what I think the Ark team and the others do and why they show up in the Modding tab.

Ah, well then go for it, would be cool to see what you end up making.

It sounds from your comments below, that your plugin will not contain any Engine Tools. If that is the case, you are permitted to distribute your plugin under Section 1(A)(a) of the EULA.

If it were to contain Engine Tools, you would need to distribute your plugin through the Marketplace.

Thanks for the answer, just what I was expecting.

I’m making an old school sprite based FPS (Doom Clone) and I figured that it’d be cool to make it moddable so people could upload their maps and characters to the Steam Workshop.