Is it ok to create large cues in UE?


To simplify production for such areas like footsteps or impact sounds I am thinking to use cues with all different materials inside a single cue. See the attached screenshot.

I need all of them inside a single cue because at the end I can apply various logic behavior. E.g. different class routing, attenuation or mixing for different classes - player, ally, enemy etc. If I will have separate cue per material I will have to copy paste this logic in every cue every time I change something in the logic.

Thus my question is - is it okay to create such complex cues in UE? Memory wise, I will need to load all sounds inside a particular cue at once, no need for fragmented loading here.

You’re the captain of your ship, you decide what’s okay or not.

With that said, I would not consider this kind of thing good form. Personally, I would build a Footstep system with no reliance on SoundCues. Building a system is how you avoid copying and pasting over and over again, because I also agree that copying and pasting SoundCues is a waste of time and not scalable.

Yes, unless you’re using Stream Caching, when anything loads this SoundCue reference, it will subsequently load all referenced SoundWaves. If you’re unconcerned with memory, then that’s not an issue for you.

This is definitely a way to do things, so if it works for you and your project, then go for it.

But this would not be my approach.

If you’re interested in alternative approaches, I would check out my talk on Data Driven Sound Design:

And a video I recently uploaded where I show 4 different ways to create randomization:

This is great, thank you for your answer Dan and for the attached videos. I understood already that learning Blueprints is necessary to master audio in UE and will be doing it in the future for sure.