Is it normal to not get paid from the market?

My pack went live in December, I was over the 100 minimum payout at the end of the month, my payout is now 2 days past due and support is not answering my emails about this. Is this normal for payments to be sent late? has anyone else had issues with payouts? This money was going to help pay some bills and I am disappointed that epic has not kept their word about giving me my money after a horrible 45 day waiting period.

Maybe it came late because of the processing and confirmation of the platformed used to send the payout.

They pay you 45 days later. Basically 2 months later.

I know they say they will pay 45 days later, but its been 48 days now from the end of December and still no payout sent.

Its weekend, you’ll probably get the payment on monday. (as they are apparently still doing it manually)

I see, hope your right, thanks.

Payouts are made on the 15th day of any qualifying month. Please take note of our payout policy found here: Marketplace Guidelines - Unreal Engine

If you have any additional questions you should contact Marketplace Support directly to discuss your case: