Is it normal to have to rebuild my project solution every time I load my project?

Hi gang,

Almost every time I load my C++ project in Unreal, it seems I have to rebuild my project’s solution in Visual Studio before I can actually load it into Unreal. I keep getting the error “[ProjectName] Module is missing.” At first I panicked, and then I thought to just rebuild my Solution, and it works every time. I am using 4.18.1 as I haven’t updated to 4.18.2 yet because I am in the middle of taking the C++ Unreal Engine Developer’s Course on udemy.

Interestingly enough, it doesn’t happen every time, I can never recreate the problem when I actually want to. Is this happening to anyone else?

Does this happen if you use hot reload, and then restart the engine without compiling again?

No, I tried doing that several times and it didn’t change anything. It seems to happen most often if I open Visual Studio first before opening UE4, but every time I test that of course it works as well.

I tried making non-harmful changes to my code and just saving in VS instead of compiling, and everything still seemed fine. So I really don’t know what’s causing this. :stuck_out_tongue: