Is it normal that you need to delete and replace certain nodes and variables sometimes.

Occassionally I get strange errors when packaging and cooking the game (However, it compiles and runs fine)

for example I added a value to a struct and then I get “Unknown structure” errors…

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Error: UStructProperty::Serialize Loading: Property ‘StructProperty /Game/InventorySystem/Blueprints/Components/InventoryComponent.InventoryComponent_C:GetInventoryItems.InventoryItems.InventoryItems’. Unknown structure.[/COLOR]

(so I finally figured out I had to delete the nodes with the reference to the struct and replace them with the same struct var again… and that fixed it)

but just want to make sure there isn’t an easier way of doing this? ***I tried refreshing nodes but that didn’t work
*** I have to delete and replace all (which can sometimes be very long process)

is this normal stuff to expect when doing blueprint programming?

or is stuff like this getting fixed in newer versions? (im still using 4.10.4)


Yeah, it can be normal and a pain.

On the backend, your nodes are referenced by a GUID rather than the actual name of your node. So, if you copy / paste a node graph from one blueprint to another, those GUID’s come with it. When you promote a node to a variable, you’ll get mismatch errors because the newly promoted variable has a different GUID yet is shares the same variable name. The only solution is to delete the old node and recreate it.

I imagine something very similar to this is happening to you with your structs.

Thanks for letting me know about this… I figured it was something like that. (the correct variable is there and correctly linked but it doesn’t accept it as valid until I delete, replace and relink it again)

it would be cool if the refresh nodes button (or another button?) would somehow reset and replace all so I don’t have to manually delete, replace and then re-link everything again.

the thing i do when i copy past BP to a new actor BP graph is i click on the variables that i past (which is not available on this new actor ) and i press from the menu create or promote to variable or something else then it will change all the variable that i copied to this new one and i will not have to relink all the same variables one by one . hope you got what i mean :slight_smile: .

but still not sure if it will fix what you have now .

You can use this plugin, which supports searching and replacing nodes:Home · qwaszxasas/AAA Wiki · GitHub