Is it normal that a simple project needs to preparing thousands of shaders?

I just created a sample project, which is almost empty, only consisting of start content.

But even such a simple project takes forever to start. It seems to need thousands of shaders:


Why tho? What’s with so many shaders? Can I speed up the starting up process?

If it’s the first time you start that version of the editor, it’ll also need to compile the shaders of the editor itself. Sample Projects might also include a lot of assets, for which shaders are compiled on the first start.

You can read more about shader permutations in this KB article:

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Ok… but do I need to go through all of these every time I create a new project? Can I just copy & paste compiled shaders?

Once they are compiled, they’ll be cached, they’ll only rebuild for new assets and new engine versions.

Yeah I understand, but the “new engine version” part makes me worry. Does it mean if I changed a little bit of code in the engine (not in my project), I need to recompile all the shaders again? Even if the change I made is not related to shaders?

No that should not trigger a recompilation. If i.e. you switch from 4.26 to 4.27, that usually does.

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Ok, thank you very much!