Is it normal for Visual Assist to reparse the entire solution every time project files are generated?

Every time I regenerate project files because new code was added, Visual Assist seems to try to reparse the entire solution, including the engine source that comes with installation. My poor hard drive isn’t super fast so this operation takes a long time, and my computer is visibly slower while it’s running.

To those here that are also using Visual Assist with Unreal, is this normal? Or am I just missing a setting?
I already tried adding the Unreal source code to the list of Stable Include files, but that setting gets erased every time I open the project.

Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Hi tginick,

Intellisense is sometimes a little slow when used with UE4, and Visual Assist taps into Intellisense by default. However, you can turn that off and disable Intellisense entirely (you will still get the same functionality from Visual Assist). This page has some information that should help you accomplish this.