Is it normal for the Editor frame rate to drop a bit with tooltips displaying?

I was noticing large frame rate drops in the Editor when tooltips were displayed.
Fps was dropping from 120 to around 30.
After reverting from Nvidia Geforce Game Ready Driver 461.40 to 460.89, this seems to be fixed.

I still notice a very brief frame rate drop in the Editor from 120 to around 80 when quickly moving the mouse cursor
along the buttons above the viewer and the tooltips pop up, and from 120 to around 50 when
quickly moving over the dropdowns in the screen left panel in the Animation Editor, and this is also noticeable if there’s an animation playing - it stutters briefly.

It’s not too bad, I’m just wondering if this is normal when it’s a seemingly small thing as displaying a tooltip?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m dropping about 20fps when opening tooltips as well. I’m using AMD cpu and card with the latest drivers. It’s a new PC so I don’t have any reference points for older drivers but I may try installing an older version to see if that does anything.
Using UE5 release