Is it legal to use blender 3d and ue4 to make a game and sell it for profit?

thinking about creating all game assets in blender 3d (cars guns charecters houses and riggs things like that) and creat blueprints particle effects and the world map in ue4. but blender 3d is open sorce so im not sure if i can sell games for profit without making ue4 subject to open sorce.

I don’t know blender license terms, but if you’re just making assets, it seems unlikely that blender will be combined with UE4. The applicable section of the EULA is:

You may not combine, Distribute, or otherwise use the Licensed Technology with any code or other content which is covered by a license that would directly or indirectly require that all or part of the Licensed Technology be governed under any terms other than those of this Agreement (“Non-Compatible License”). Code or content under the following licenses, for example, are prohibited: GNU General Public License (GPL), Lesser GPL (LGPL) (unless you are merely dynamically linking a shared library), or Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Code or content under the following licenses, for example, are allowed: BSD License, MIT License, Microsoft Public License, or Apache License. You may not sublicense the Licensed Technology under a Non-Compatible License.

The UE4 EULA certainly permits use of third party content creation tools; that’s customary in game development.

I’ll let someone with better expertise answer, but I don’t believe your creations made in Blender are automatically open source… right?

“open source” is a programming term.

You could freely use Blender to make assets. You can’t use Blender’s source code for Your game (as example source code for importing .blend files, You have to use FBX file format)

Blender minifaq on license:

This license grants people a number of freedoms:

You are free to use Blender, for any purpose

You are free to distribute Blender

You can study how Blender works and change it

You can distribute changed versions of Blender

GPL, LGPL, BSD all are software licenses and cover only source code part.

If You’re interested in this topic read more on: License compatibility - Wikipedia

Also, don’t forget that You have to pay fees from revenue to Epic for using UE4 commercially.

last time i lookt the blender EULA was pretty much “do what you want” no royalty, dont need any license to sell anything made in blender. can even mod blender 3d itself and sell it for profit. so if i understand it right i can go ahead and make games for profit without the risk of blender and ue4 being combined ?

the creator of the assets holds the ip. not sure about python codes. but if i make a game in blender only and somone request the sorce file i only need to give the “start screen” of the game (as far as i understand it).

thanks for the tips.