is it legal to set an array variable equal to another array variable


is this legal what i have done here

setting an array variable equal to another array variable


If you need to create a copy of an array - then why not?

But remember that this is a copy, independent. If you change first array, it will not affect the second.

seems to work if i use such an approach to point to an array as well . ie as an array pointer

this way i can create an array within an ai controller and reference it within a task blueprint withjout having to create the array in the task blueprint

No, once you have created a copy - all changes to the first array will not be reflected in the second one until you make a second copy of the first one again.

You can get a reference to an array only in this way:

this is more or less what i did i hope
i am just saving the result in a local variable so that i dont have to reference all the time throoughout the blueprint

You can make a helper function that will return a reference to the ORIGINAL array.

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