Is it just me, or is forum activity slowing down a bit?

I remember around a month ago, by the time I woke up in the morning, there was at least 1.5 pages of unread posts in a few sections of the forums, now that is down to around 5-10 posts in some areas of the forum. Is it just me, or have the forums been very slow lately?

The frequency of posts have always been lower on the weekends.

Oh no, I am referring to just all of this last 1-2 weeks, not just this weekend.

I’ve noticed that the community activity sort of fluctuates a bit. I’m sure a variety of factors contribute to that, most no doubt work related. (Or school for our younger members) Nothing to worry about though. =)

Add vacations to that factor too SE_JonF

I would say a lot of the fluctuations are also due to events like when UE4 went free/kite demo release or creation of the ARK modding forum, I would also guess that quite a few people post on the answerhub instead of the forum (although IMO lots of those questions fit better and would be answered quicker on the forum).

Indeed, there are many. It would take a long time to list them all. =P

Looking back, half of my questions belong on the AnswerHub, but in my experience, the response rate is very low compared to on the forums.

I think, as suggested, it was a spike in activity based on some other things. It’s slowed down now for sure, but I think that’s just because a lot of people came along, either thinking they’d make the next big game or something, and they’ve either buckled down to work on their project (thus not on the forums as much) or given up (as is the way with these things for some people). Still decent activity here, but it’s back to the core posters, and core lurkers (like myself) now I think XD

Dont know if the activity is really decreasing, but for me it feels like that → atm I get really bored when I’m in here, as there are just some few new threads :frowning:
But… it’s summer → many people are on vacation

Yep, but my forum boredom is probably a good thing, I have been procrastinating the development of my projects lately.

Lol, unfortunately that’s how the world is.

Well I’ve just only returned from the beach and it’s 9pm (Greece). There’s always time for UE4 forums :smiley:

No doubt, so much fun :smiley: 1300th post FTW!

There’s was a large influx of posts during the time DevGrants were introduced, but then the dust settled.

I recently converted to core lurkdom. Turns out you get way more dev work done if you spend less time hanging around the forums…

Agreed 100%

I’ve also been in/out a bit since the Spring due to events and a new baby!

I’ve been wondering why I haven’t seen you around here for a while. Congratulations man! =)

Grats on the baby! Boy or girl?