Is it free to use UE4 for inter-developer event?


We are planning to open the inter-developer event in our company.

This event is called the Algorithm Contest, and it will only open for our employees.

We will make a mini car-game with Unreal Engine and AirSim car simulator(Microsoft).

And developers will make the bot control a car.

Winners get some gift card for prize (less than $3,000 totally)

In this case, I’d like to ask a few questions for EULA.

  1. Is it free to use UE4 for inter-developer event in our company? Is there any restrictions We must obey?

  2. We will distribute mini car game as binary and sample bot code with Github and Google drive.

    Should we limit the distribution channel as private Git or repository in private, Epic’s marketplace?

  3. In relation to EULA, 12. Proprietary Notices and Attribution
    ‘Epic may use your trademarks, service marks, trade names, and logos used with any Product, as well as publicly released screen shots and video content from the Product, in connection with Epic’s marketing, advertisement, and promotion of the Unreal® Engine in any and all media without restriction.’

    In this case, I think there is no such thing…Our event and mini car-game could be used for Epic’s marketing, Advertisement? I think this is related to the game being released and published.
    If it used, Is it possible to get a preliminary agreement if our event is to be used for marketing?

Thank you for your help.

Additionally, Anyone know the license manager in Korea? I couldn’t find any contacts.

  1. Provided you are not generating revenue from any of the products you create, UE4 is free-to-use. No royalty is due on financial winnings generated by awards (see EULA Section 5(7)). Whether there are “restrictions” you must obey is kind of a broad question. Do you have questions about specific restrictions in the EULA?
  2. Will you be distributing any engine tools?
  3. You’ll need a custom license to change these terms, but even if you’re operating under the standard EULA, Epic would likely reach out to coordinate marketing.

Thank you for the answer~~ :slight_smile:

  1. Will you be distributing any engine tools?

→ I’ll distribute only mini game as binary file without tools.

Distribution of source and engine tools is restricted under Section 2(b), but distribution of binary game files is broadly permissive under Section 2(a). The distribution channel is up to you.

Have you tried reaching out through the custom license request form?

Yes, I had asked via custom license request an week ago.
I got a replies yesterday from the Marketing dept in Korea.

I think I could get help more efficiently.
Thank you for your kindness.