is it even posible to have a colision overlap event when you click a button?

ive been trying for a couple of weeks to make this work i cant use a boolean to check if its overlaping or not cuz that will cause problems with the rest of the code
here is my current code it does not work even if i set it to always check if overlaping in the actor settings…38/unknown.png

Hi man,
I am not fully sure about what you want so:

You have an “overlap” that check if is the player pawn, the one who enter the zone
the overlap check also a boolean and an existing spline.
AND, if the player have the Down pressed.

This will result true , only if your player enter the overlap with the down pressed.
If you want that the player can enter the zone, but nothing happenz until you hit Down, You have to twist the blueprint

You use the overlap event o store who enter and other variables,
and when you press down you check them.

On the overlap event, you store in variables the result of check like, “is the pawn player inside zone” ? yes? save this , so you can access it all the time
You are not sure if the Spline will keep existing ? dont store it now, we will do it later.
Remember to check theh overlap end, when the player leave the zone, you cave to set the "is the player inside zone " to “no”.
Now you can at any time, Use the pressbutton down to check
Is the player inside zone?
my other Bool is true?

You can also bind event to event but i think this will be better for you

Can you explain what exactly you want? It’s not clear

  1. to generate an overlap event when you press a key?
  2. if inside box and then key pressed?
  3. if key pressed and then enter box?

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