Is it easy to find competent team members?

Dear Unreal Engine Community,

i’m a new member of your community.
I’m from Germany and i hope my english skills are understandable for everyone here.
So if you’re reading this: Have understanding for my not perfect English language skills. - Thanks. :smiley:

I’m new in this scene and that’s the reason why i’m creating this topic here for my vision and dreams what i have.
The big dream is creating a unique game, especially Adventure / Horror / Zombie Apocalyptic game.
I get to know the Unreal engine day by day and the versatile features.
But getting on the knowledge that i need to develop my concept and visions will take a very long time.

During the concept development I realized that my vision and dream is only possible to make it real with the help of a competent team.
Until now I’m writing a detailed story in a word document. For me it’s important that everything of the game is written down detailled and understandable.

Now about my question
Is it easy and are there a few people who take their time a long time to develop a big game?
I examined the forum and watched a lot of threads and i saw that there are a lot paid jobs.
So I ask, because I can not pay someone in the beginning of an era.
Of course I would offer a payment if the game should reach sales figures.
Because in the end i’m not interested developing my dream because of money, for me it’s all about the will to create something new and to have realized my dreams.

**Of course i could post a thread with a search query for Level Designers, Animation designers and so on.
But i’m a person who’s listening to the recommendations of experienced people in this scene. **

So i got a lot of questions and hope you guys could answer these.
It would help me a lot.

  • Do you think there are would be developers who would take them times for a long time?
  • Do you feel that you are approached by a big and sophisticated concept or is it not enough in your opinion to participate in the project?
  • Are players open to new games from non-major publishers?
  • How long do you think developing a game is appropriate? Recommendations would help me to adapt my concepts immediately, so that they can be created even in such a period.
  • Are investments necessary in a big way? If yes, which?

These are question for now.
And I ask you to leave out comments like, "Why do you want to do something with an inexperienced person?"
Of course, I am aware that experience is needed for major developments. But everyone starts small.
And if my knowledge level was already very high for game development, I would not ask for advice.
At every beginning you have no experience. But today’s beginners can also be tomorrow’s pros. Where there is a will, there’s a way.

I am especially excited to get to know this community now and to your tips and recommendations.
Ihope you could understand me a little bit. I’m training my english skills and i promise it will get much better soon. :smiley:
And last but not least, I want to introduce myself briefly, so that everyone knows what he has to do it: My name is Can and I’m 20 years old.

I hope you guys gonna help me and if you have a few questions about me: don’t afraid to ask me your questions!