Is it better to use Editor built from source or prebuilt editor?

The title pretty much said what I want to ask. The one difference that I saw between the 2 is that if I create a code project with editor built from source, the solution file includes engine source, which mean I will be able to debug the engine in case something pops up. And I can stay on the bleeding edge all the time. However, it feels substantially slower than running the pre-built editor, and Visual studio takes up a lot more RAM. So which way is better?

So first you don’t need Visual Studio to run your solution. You also don’t have to build the sourcecode with debug informations.

Generic speaking i would say that for working without Sourceextensions or anything similar, you use the normal version and if some bug occures or you have to debug anything in the sourcecode, start it as debug.

Working with the game code only is probably the way to go at first, you can see later if you need source code access. Keep in mind that working with prebuilt releases is going to help troubleshooting issues, because you can rule out a lot of errors (picking the wrong commit, compiling with wrong settings, not having an up-to-date build, etc). Also, like sicaine said, you will probably rarely use the debug build because it slows down the engine a lot, and working with UE4 is less crashy than working on a custom C++ project with hazardous memory management. Most of the work focus on high-level code and there are many ways to “debug” ingame for that kind of thing.

Tl;DR : start with prebuilt, see if you need more.

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