is it better to try exporting HTML5 through 4.27 or using inbuilt export from 4.24

I have a project that I’m making in 4.27 I just came to know that it’d be difficult to export HTML5 format through it because it’s native support was removed and I have basically 0 coding knowledge, most I can do is get a bit further with the help of Chat gpt

or should I start my project in ue 4.24 which has last working HTML5 export, I’m stuck because I don’t know weather there’ll be any changes in graphics or any other aspect

Let me know If I’d need to specify something
Thank You

Hey there @FiresfistAce! Personally I’d recommend starting on the 4.23 - 4.24 native support build due to the community extension to 4.27 requiring C++ knowledge. Porting forward would be a decent undertaking even for an experienced developer.