Is it better to make a child bp or duplicate character bp

Hey, I am trying to make my player change characters but i am not sure weather to use child bp or just duplicate and posses but will that mess up my ai would i have to rewrite code etc what would be the best way ?

Use inheritance if you want to keep both blueprints quite similar, so you only have to update the parent blueprint for shared functionality. Another advantage of inheritance is, that you can use the parent class in functions of other bps for both, because the “cast to parentbp” will also work if you character is in fact the “childbp”.

I would even go for inheritance if your characters don’t share much code. Then I would create another parent character and let both of your characters be childs of this one. So you would in fact have 3 but only use 2 in your game and 1 in casts.

Dude this is amazing, first time working with child bp sorry to bother you i didnt know it was so easy it worked perfect i just got stuck thanks