Is it best to start developing on UE4 over UDK?

Hi, I have spent the last few months working on a project in cry engine. I have researched about udk and tried it out and it is much easier to use for what I want to create. I have been looking at Unreal 4 and read that there are a lot of differences between the UDK and Unreal 4. I want the game to go commercial eventually when it’s been completed (no timescale at this point). Is there much point in continuing with UDK and just start with Unreal 4 and figure using that out?

Hi Scott,

Now that we have UE4 out, I would suggest moving over to it. If you are familiar with UDK at all, then transitioning to UE4 is pretty easy. Ultimately, you are looking for a simple game creation tool that will allow you to publish easily when you are ready and UE4 is just that. Let us know if you have any questions about UE4 and what it can do.


I have a decent knowledge of cry engine but only really started using UDK a week ago. Ive found a lot of differences reading up on Ue4 such as it’s all c++ now? And the scaleform is no longer integral unless you have an auto desk license. Does that mean without it, it will be similar to cry engine where you create the script in flash then import the file (cry engine used .xml file for then engine to recognise it)

Hi Scott,

You are correct that Unreal Engine 4 is all C++ now.

In order to use Scaleform you’ll need to have a license from Autodesk with their add-on/plugin to work with UE4. (Information Here). You will not be able to use the flash files directly without having thier plugin.