Is it alright to have old nodes sitting in the graph

It won’t hurt anything, although i like to just toss nodes into a blueprint function if i haven’t used them in a while. That way i can keep the idea, but my current work stays neat(ish).

I was wondering if there is anything wrong with keeping nodes that are not connected to any events around

I like to keep old nodes sitting around for inspiration


I’ve gotten into the habit of just putting everything into functions to begin with. Most of the time is MUCH neater and much easier to debug.

Not really. Keep in mind that more nodes mean a bit weaker performance in the editor itself but once it’s compiled only connected nodes have an impact.

I would probably still suggest to delete them eventually because it just confuses and obscures in the long run especially once you finished a function it can get kinda confusing for someone else who looks at it or for yourself some time later.

But besides clarity and simplicity there isn’t really anything wrong with it.

I haven’t tried that yet, but will do so and keep you posted:-)

I would not recommend it, because those nodes are increasing the memory size of the game without doing anything useful. I would suggest that you create a backup of your project and continue to work without them, so that you can get back to it whenever you need a reference to the past design of your game.


Did you try that?

I mean yea they change the size of your project but code wise I’m not sure if it actually changes the size of your compiled version.

Blueprint works “backwards”. With that I mean if you have an error with your types for example it will throw you to the location where a node with an exec inpput collides with it. This happens in the logical order from an event to a node without an outgoing exec line. I know this due to several debug scenarios I went through.

This means the compiler starts to generate code from events on and might ignore other random nodes.

It would be interesting to test this.

Yeah that’s totally the way to go IMO. Functions are great since you can just fix it one time everywhere instead of managing some giant web of logic.

Also take a look at collapsed nodes. Rather useful as well to keep the amounts of nodes per graph low.

Hi again Erasio. I added a couple of redundant blocks in one of the projects that I’m currently working on and you are right, they are not compiled in the final built of he projects, i.e. it had the same size as before :). So, I learned something new today. Thanks!