Is it a legitimate fear that someone will copy your game? How can I protect my IP?

Hi all, I’m new to game development and have been working solo on a project in my spare time.

Right now I have what would best be described as a vertical slice; it’s a fully functional prototype of a small portion of the game. I have the full story, gameplay, characters, etc. mapped out and am in the process of creating and implementing that content now. I’d like to begin showing it around and getting feedback, but I’m really paranoid about someone stealing my ideas/concepts.

For instance, say the Flappy Bird or 2048 dev showed his or her game off before it was fully completed. People liked and saw how addicting the game was but also how simple of a concept it was to execute. So they copied it, rushed out a clone, and were first to market with this gameplay mechanic. They receive all the accolades, popularity, and sales while the original dev loses out because he or she wanted feedback on his game.

Is this a legitimate fear? Or am I being paranoid? Are there any ways to protect my game and/or gameplay mechanics?

Vlambeer had this problem with Ridiculous Fishing, which got copied by someone who saw it at a Game Con. As a result, instead of being more secretive, they are totally open about their development, so people can see whose idea it is.

Also some people like to say… ideas ate worthless execution is the key if you are unable to end it before the others then don’t show it… as for the registration I guess you can register some things… still then you will need the money to sue the other people… and see if you win… or not.

Worry about making a game so good that people will want to copy it. A lot of new developers are afraid of their ideas getting stolen, but it’s not really a big issue. Get lots of feedback, it’s a great way of improving your stuff.

It’s mostly extremely simple games with one main mechanic that get copied, if that’s your game, don’t release much game play footage until it’s close to release. Also, being cloned isn’t the worst thing, you’ll get lots of news and press as long as you can get the story out there. If your game is already similar to other games, there’s nothing to worry about.

Only if you are Vlambeer xd

its something inevitable.

And we all use other games mechanics or ideas for our own projects.

Inclusive if you don’t show you game before released i read cases of company’s that when there are a new popular game they plagiarize fast (in few months) and launch with a lot of advertising to delegate to the anonymity the other. A indie studio can’t compete against company advertising or infrastructure.

Live&Dev with that possibility. The only way for avoid its its keep you idea in your mind.

Be the first help but after that you must try got funds and invest if you want maintain that position a avoid company with thousand of programmers and money surpass your initial project in months.