Is it a bad idea to set up an entire game with level streaming or is there a point where its to much

Just a simple idea. Im making a vr game with a hub world. and its got a single mission door behind which all levels will stream in one at a time when selected from the course selection widget. Which will all lead back to the hub and i can just teleport to the physical loading screen and back to the hub(or straight to the hub. It seems to load quickly enough)
if the mission is canceled midway. Is there any serious issues i may run into other than overhead of keeping up with all the levels. At What point is it to much, or is level streaming strong enough for an entire game like this if done correctly.

Ive already determined world and directional lighting to be a small issue for the few levels that need different settings. But i have in-between rooms and some ideas to midigate that. But will i hit loading issues or will it eat up ram if i add to many levels.