Is is allowed to redistribute the UnrealPak and mods that hook into the game

There is this new game Session, the Skateboarding game. The modders have a coded a tool which unpacks the pak file and with that tool included the UnrealPak.exe. Not sure if this is allowed, but if yes, I would like to do the same. Also, the hook into the game for one of their maps and also hook into the pak file to include new files. Before I do the same for another game, I would like to make sure it is ok with Epic.

GitHub - rodriada000/SessionMapSwitcher: Desktop App to easily switch Session maps while running the game, without having to restart every time. (UnrealPak redis and hook into pak file) (map that hooks into game to change day/night)

You could probably use a similar method to what rom hacks use, don’t distribute UnrealPak.exe, but prompt the user to provide/link to the UnrealPak.exe file on their computer.

I see, so distributing the UnrealPak.exe is not allowed. But then I could still distribute the method on how to change the pak file content without unpacking it, like the session tool in the github link. That sounds like something that could be used for cheating as well though. Not sure.